about us

Based in Tokyo, performing dances throughout Japan. We have experience in performing at embassy-related and government events and various parties.

Our Mission

We will continue regular training in dances that symbolize the culture of each country, think and act outside the confines of Japan and expand our activities to the world. Our aim is to exchange and contribute through culture and dance, and to reach as many people as possible.

Our Values

We offer flexible and optimal plans to suit various occasions and budgets, from authentic belly dancing by Japanese to folk dancing with Turkish instructors.

“2021-2022 Organised as well as performed in partnership with the Turkish Cultural Centre, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey and the Embassy of Azerbaijan, with the support of the Japanese Government Agency for Cultural Affairs.

 Otantik Bunka

Activities (including history of activities before the organisation was established)

Sept2017 Shibuya-ku Children’s International Exchange Festa Appearance

Sep2017 Abema TV appearance

Oct 2017 Shibuya-ku Dance Dance Dance Istanbul Performance Appearance

May 2019 Kamioooka Keikyu Department Store Turkey Fair Appearance 

July 2019 Yokohama SPARKLING TWILIGHT 2019 Performed

Aug 2019 Oita Tokiha Department Store Turkey Fair Performances

Sep2019 Yoyogi Park, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Turkish Festival Performances

July 2021 Yokohama Yamashita Park Turkey MONTH in Yokohama Performances

Dec 2022 Fuchu City MOSIC OF DANCE Performance Organised and performed

June 2022 Yoyogi Park, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Turkish Festival Performances

July 2022 Kawagoe, Saitama Turkish Festival Performances

Aug 2022 Koganei-shi Odoru Mama Happiness Bokura performance Organised and performed

Sep 2022 Meguro-ku, Tokyo Unknown Charms Performance Organiser, Performer

Sep 2022 Fuchu-city NUR AL AMAR Light of Hope Organised and performed

Nov 2022 Shibuya Ward, Tokyo DUM TEK performance Organiser, Performer

Dec. 2022 Meguro-ku, Meguro SUSA performance Azerbaijan event, appearance

Jan 2023 Nagoya Exotic Turkish Bazaar, Nagoya, Japan Performed 

Feb 2023 JASSO International Exchange Festival Appearance

Mar 2023 Yokosuka Hand to Hand charity event, organised and performed

Mar 2023 Bunkyo-ku International Exchange Festa Appearance

July 2023 Tokyo Yurakujyo Performed on stage to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Turkey

July 2023 Keikyu Department Store Kamiooka Station Turkish goods fair Appearance
Sep 2023 Usui Department Store Kooriyama Staition Turkish fea

Nov 2023 Nagoya Toruko Fair , Nagoya, Japan perform

Nov 2023 Tokyo Yurakujyo Performed on stage to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Tuekey

Mar 2024 Heaven Artist from the Tokyp Metropolitan Govemment

Mar 2024 Bunkyo-ku City exchenge Festa