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 Performs in Tokyo and throughout Japan with Turkish instructors. We have experience performing at embassy-related and government events and various parties.


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Regular restaurant show appearances

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We can offer the best plan to suit a variety of occasions and budgets.

“The aim is to exchange and contribute to the realisation of a multicultural society through culture and dance, not only in Japan, but also to expand the scope of activities to the rest of the world and reach as many people as possible.”

Otantik Bunka


3 reasons why we can offer authentic Turkish folk dances

1) Authentic Turkish dance:.

Both Turkish and Japanese people participate. Specialist instructors from Turkey are also invited.

(ii) High flexibility.

Performances can be tailored according to the size and needs of the event, from belly dance to folk dance.
(iii) Diverse performance experience:
We have performed and organised events related to the Agency for Cultural Affairs and embassies.


For performance requests and other questions, please contact
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