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Guest appearances at events

The company has been invited to perform at Turkish events not only in the Tokyo metropolitan area but also nationwide, including the JASSO International Exchange Festival, the Keikyu Department Store Turkey Fair and the Tokiha Department Store Turkey Exhibition in Oita Prefecture.

Regular appearances in restaurants, etc.

Regular monthly shows at Gaienmae Tugra Turkish Restaurant, Ebisu SAPATA Dining Bar and Yotsuya Siddiq Palace. Al Ain Arabic Cuisine, Isesaki Choja-machi, Yokohama


Kamakura Turkish Cuisine “Alkadash”, Kamakura

Regular appearance at Aladeen Live “Belly Dance and Music Night” at Yokohama Live House “Thumbs Up”.

Organisation of events

Dec 2022 Fuchu City, Tokyo: MOSIC OF DANCE performance at Fuchu no Mori Art Theatre.

September 2022 Meguro Barsimon Hall, Meguro, Tokyo: Unknown Charms performance

September 2022 Fuchu City, Tokyo: Fuchu no Mori Art Theatre Furusato Hall NUR AL AMAR Light of Hope

Nov 2022 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo: Owada Bunka Ho DUM TEK performance

From flexible adaptation to the size of the event to organising in large halls.

With Turkish and Azerbaijani instructors, our organisation has experience in organising events from restaurant shows to Turkish events as well as large concert halls.

Our experience in arranging musicians and organizing events, as well as dance performances, allows us to flexibly meet your company’s needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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